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Lisa Thurston B.S., M.S., M.B.A.
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Lisa Thurston has developed and executed global strategic and business development emerging corporate and services offerings initiatives for multiple emerging companies. She brings extensive experience in account management, business collaborations, and successfully nurturing embryonic businesses from early stage inception, leveraging many years of laboratory research in complementary areas as well. She focuses on market development, strategic planning, and operations management and works to identify organizational development opportunities for growth and optimization. In addition, she manages the customer facing aspects with direct input into non-customer facing organizations that are responsible for the entire product and/or services portfolio.



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I worked with Lisa for almost 6 years at PhyNexus and she always amazed me with her ability to expand the business given the limited resources that we had as a small company. Lisa always saw the bigger picture and was able to navigate how she went about things to match what the company’s goal were. Lisa is definitely someone that I would want to work with again. Mark Abel, Former VP Operations PhyNexus

Lisa is an amazing person to work with and learn from. I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at Base Pair Bio where she served as a mentor and a manager. Lisa was responsible for all the marketing and sales strategy of Base Pair. She specializes and excels in complex sales strategies in biotech/ pharmaceutical markets. I was particularly impressed by how easy and enjoyable is was to work with Lisa developing and implementing these strategies to increase sales and improve market penetration. 
She is also very organized and quick to implement strategy and provide follow-up with customers, as well as staying up to date with the latest trends in our field. Lisa's contributions are a major asset and I highly recommend her work.
 Melodie Benford Former Scientific Support Specialist, Base Pair Biotechnologies 

In the many years we collaborated together building the business at PhyNexus Lisa was significantly involved in developing the strategy and execution of a disruptive technology to identify and penetrate multiple markets, initiated and produced relevent marketing collateral when needed, demonstrated value of both a consumable and automation platform to a range of academic and industry customers, identified and managed multiple B2B collaborations, and provided new product development justification and support as it evolved among many other useful contributions. She integrates easily into an evolving business environment and would be a useful asset to new businesses looking for flexible support in multiple areas. Jo Walter, CEO Euroscitech